R$ 470,00 - R$ 530,00
Group Accommodation
R$ 540,00 - R$ 600,00
Family Accommodation
R$ 690,00
Guest House or BSB Village
R$ 890,00
Hotel within the EAV property
Amounts presented per person aged 11 and up
Children aged 5 to 10 years old pay only 60% of the full amount
Age taken into consideration is the age the child will have at the event date

More details on accommodation?

Click the buttons above and at the time of registration you can select the accommodation, number of vacancies, location and room capacity, etc ...

Dear brethren!

You can now register for the 2019 General Conference in Sumaré, SP, Brazil. Access the registration website: and guarantee your spot for this special event.
VACANCIES ARE LIMITED AND GOING FAST! The site is easy to navigate. Choose your language, register and reserve your room.
Some tips:
a) To access the registration page, it is necessary to create an account. Use a valid email: the system will use it to send you important notices.
b) Choose the preferred accommodation on the registration page.
c) For FAMILY ACCOMMODATION, it is necessary to fill in the names of all the occupants of the room. The name of the person in charge of the room must be filled in first. Please fill in all the required information carefully.
d) Payment can be made by credit card.
e) If you have any doubts, please email and we will be happy to assist you. 

Let us pray that this worldwide meeting will be blessed by God and we will have a wonderful General Conference!

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